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Commercial Roller Doors

Commercial Roller Doors

Constructed from sturdy materials and featuring a range of key security features, B&D’s commercial roller doors are designed to protect your property. Whether you own a large warehouse, small storage space or shopfront, B&D’s commercial roller doors are custom- made to your requirements to ensure safety, security and easy operation.

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Enjoy all the features of a traditional tilt door without the associated safety hazards with the Flex-A-Door. As Australia’s premier steel sliding garage door, the distinctive B&D Flex-A- Door provides an excellent alternative for those seeking to replace their existing tilt door or facing limitations in headroom within their garage or carport.

Garage Doors  ›  Roller Doors

Roller Doors

Garage Roller Doors

The iconic Australia roller door provides a practical and secure option for any Australian home. Comprising of horizontal slats joined together to create a rolling curtain that sits above the garage entrance, roller doors offer a classic and convenient solution, particularly for those garages with limited headroom.

With a variety of materials to choose from, roller doors can be customised to seamlessly fit any garage style and size and offer excellent garage security.

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Built with unmatched durability and security, the iconic Roll-A-Door is a popular garage door solution that makes coming and going from your property a breeze. Engineered for superior strength and durability, the Roll-A-Door protects your home and elevates your home’s aesthetic appearance.

Roll-A-Door Neo

The Roll-A-Door Neo seamlessly combines functionality and style, offering you the additional space you need without compromising on aesthetic appeal. This innovative design merges the practicality of the classic Roll-A-Door with the stylish appearance of a sectional door.


Strong, secure and sleek, the Rollmasta is designed for use in homes, sheds and commercial properties. A durable and affordable solution, the Rollmasta is made to measure to suit your exact needs and requirements.

Wind-Rated Roll-A-Door

Ensure your property is protected from high winds with the B&D Wind-Rated Roll-A-Door. The B&D Roll-A-Door has been designed to provide resistance against high winds and complies with the National Construction Code’s high-wind requirements. Independently certified for use in all high-wind and cyclone-prone regions, the B&D Wind-Rated Roll-A-Door is ideal for homes, sheds, and commercial and industrial properties.

An Australian icon, roller doors provide a classic option ideal for garages with restricted headroom while ensuring superior garage security.

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