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Garage Door Openers

We offer a wide range of garage door openers that seamlessly complement any type of B&D garage door, ensuring the protection of your valuable belongings. Whether you need to add a garage door motor to a B&D sectional or roller door or require a more robust solution for a commercial door, our range of sectional door motors, roller door motors, and commercial door motors provides the perfect solution for your needs.

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Smart Opener

Designed to provide you and your family with exceptional security for your home and possessions. The Smart Opener is a fast and smart garage door opener that features market-leading sensing technology to resist forced entry and prevent break-ins. Featuring voice control, user customisation and real-time alerts, the Smart Opener allows you to monitor and operate your garage door seamlessly.

Smart Pro Opener

Designed to seamlessly integrate with your B&D garage door, the Smart Pro opener offers exceptional security for your home. Featuring a range of safety and security features, including B&D’s Auto-Lock technology, the Smart Pro ensures a locked door every time it closes. Monitor your garage around the clock with the included high-quality camera and smartphone app.

Power Drive

As one of our most popular rolling garage doors, B&D’s Power Drive is renowned for its powerful and quiet motor, durable LED courtesy lights, and soft start-and-stop mechanisms that minimise wear and tear on the door.


The Roll-A-Pro presents an economical and trustworthy solution for a roller door opener, delivering the smooth and consistent performance that B&D is acclaimed for.

With a 500N motor capable of lifting the majority of residential roller doors, an automatic courtesy light, and soft start-and-stop functionality designed to minimise door stress, the Roll-A-Pro establishes a benchmark for reliable roller door automation. Choose the Roll-A- Pro for an affordable yet dependable solution.

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