Axess Pro 1100

The Axess® Pro Series has earned a deserved reputation for sheer reliability in automating industrial and commercial overhead doors. This opener often outlasts the door it drives.
  • Up to 300,000 cycles
  • Powerful motor
  • Secure & Reliable
  • Logic controls with LCD screen
  • Quiet, heavy duty gearbox
The Axess® Pro Series 1101 has earned a deserved reputation for sheer reliability in automating industrial and commercial overhead doors. With units clocking up 300,000+ cycles in the field, this opener often outlasts the door it drives. Suitable for doors up to 25m2, these units require only a 240V standard power point but deliver 3-phase power, reliability and speed control through a custom designed inverter. The aluminium C-Rail uses a robust wheeled trolley to drive the door and handle the excessive requirements of high usage sites. Also features as standard a sophisticated logic control system with LCD screen, a variety of dedicated inputs and outputs, and TrioCodeTMtechnology. Secure & Reliable Transmitters Comes standard with Automatic Technology's TrioCodeTM transmitter system. Utilising 4.29 billion random access codes in tandem with three frequencies, you can be assured of your home's security and accessibility even in the face of radio interference. Powerful Motor A powerful 3-phase motor means this opener is both consistent and reliable, and we back this up with a two year guarantee. Logic Controls with LCD Screen The integrated logic control system, with LCD screen, provides scalable functionality, allowing the operation of the Axess® 1101 to be customised specifically to the site's needs. Quiet, Heavy Duty Gearbox The high stepdown ratio gearing, immersed in a sealed and breatherless oil bath, inside the cast aluminium gearbox provides power and reliability, yet with minimal noise.



The GDO-10 Toro is a feature rich easy-to-use and versatile "one box" solution for commercial and light industrial applications.
  • Suitable for rolling doors up to 28m2
  • Built in battery back up
  • Wall mounted control panel with LCD screen
  • Soft start/soft stop operation
  • TrioCode™ receiver intergrated as standard
  • Super quiet operation
The GDO-10 Toro™ is an feature rich, easy-to-use and versatile “one box” solution for commercial and light industrial applications.
TrioCode™ Multi-Frequency Coding Technology
  • A world leading transmitter system, TrioCode™ multi-frequency coding technology overcomes the all too common interference issues while maintaining security through over 4.29 billion random code possibilities.
Easy To Fit
  • The GDO-10 simply bolts to the axle, unlike traditional bulky commercial openers, making for simple and safe installations.
Wall Mounted Logic Control System with LCD Display

The wall mounted logic control, connected to the drive unit via a standard CAT-5 connection, provides:
  • UP, DOWN and STOP buttons for door control
  • Storage for up to 511 transmitters with customisable alpha-numeric names e.g. “AB SMITH1”,
  • 24-hour time clock that can integrate with operating modes such as auto-close and pedestrian settings
  • Integration for operating inputs such as magnetic/pulse locks, P.E. Beams and loop detectors
  • Multi-button menu system with LCD readout
  • Password protection to regulate access to setup menus
  • PG-3 Programmer connection for enhanced feature access
ALL NEW! M-ALPS (Magnetic Automatic Limits Positioning System)
  • Using a magnetic sensing system that is highly resistant to dust, grease and other elements, M-ALPS makes setup easy and maintains millimetre perfect limits even as the door ages.